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Breaking news: Datamyne and its South American affiliates, Mercosur Online, Urunet and Datamyne do Brasil, have been acquired by Descartes Systems Group, the recognized global leader in providing on-demand, software-as-a-service solutions for improving the productivity, performance and security of logistics-intensive businesses.

Datamyne’s new parent Descartes is a larger, public company (Nasdaq: DSGX, TSX:DSG) that shares our focus on cross-border commerce and philosophy of service through personal attention and technical innovation, while offering a greater breadth of solutions and depth of resources.

Together, Descartes and Datamyne will offer the industry’s largest global trade database and a complete set of management tools for logistics operations, compliance, market research and other essential commercial content across more than 160 countries.

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Key Foreign Trade Data for Business Decision Making

Analyse Markets

Access global trade data and view the details of buyers, suppliers, products, markets, volumes and values.

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Monitor Price Trends

Our database provides information on unit import price for each imported product.

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Analyse Brands and Models

Our data allows you to explore products more in depth.

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The Most Reliable and Complete Trade Database for International Business Intelligence.

You can
• Spot local and global business opportunities
• Identify market trends
• Keep track of your competitors
• Plan business strategies based on the most reliable and comprehensive foreign trade data available